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1936 Ford Coupe

"Tail-Dragger" is the term the owner of this car uses to describe its stance. We will be making some improvements to the suspension and driveline (along with a wheel and tire change) to give this car a positive rake and make it more of a real Hot Rod.

The car currently sports a Chevy II rear end, which at almost 59" from hub to hub significantly reduces the ability to run a larger wheel and tire. We've decided to change the rear end to a more traditional Ford 9", switch to a parallel-leaf rear suspension and change the steel wheels with bias-ply tires (currently mis-matched at 15" in the front and 14" in the rear) to Cragar wheels and modern radial tires.

The suspension kit we will be installing comes from Chassis Engineering West Branch, IA. The Ford rear end has been custom-built to our specifications by the 9" Factory in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. It includes a completely new housing, new Ford 11" rear brakes, re-splined rear axles and the 3rd member will be built to our specifications once we determine the final wheel and tire sizes.


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