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1936 Ford

One primary complaint about this Ford was the lack of a sound and heat barrier between the passenger compartment and the engine bay and underside of the car. We're well on our way to sealing up the firewall and it was time to deal with the rest of the floor.

We prepped the floor by cleaning the metal and spraying the surface with a rust-inhibiting undercoat. We will be covering the floors with 2 layers of sound and heat insulation, the first of which is self-adhesive and needs to conform to the shape of the floor as best it can.

We began by using some masking paper to make templates for the large areas to be covered. We then transferred this pattern to Juliano's 70-mil sound-deadening material. This material is a thin, dense, foil-faced rubber substance which reduces vibration and and insulates against exhaust heat.

After cutting our patterns we test-fit the pieces and trimmed as necessary. Once everything fit we removed the backing and the material was stuck in place.



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