Electrical spaghetti

One of the biggest jobs on this project is the wiring. We attempted to maintain as much of the stock MGB/GT wiring as possible, while using only the wiring necessary from the engine management systems of the Miata to operate the engine functions. We started with a new harness from Autosparks in the UK (via British Wiring).

The complete loom from our Miata was laid out on the table and gone through to make sure everything necessary was still working correctly. All of the non-essential subsystems were parsed out and everything we needed was bundled and labeled for installation.

The left-overs were tucked away in case we needed to match specific wire colors for repairs later on.

To keep some of the stock “look” we repurposed the original voltage regulator (which we no longer needed thanks to our alternator) into a pass-through box which gave us additional connectivity for some components while maintaining a cool feature of the original engine bay.

As you can see, we needed more fuses. We maintained the stock 2-fuse box but added a secondary 4-fuse block from a later MGB and relay packages for the Miata engine. They were all mounted to the right inner fender as neatly as possible to keep everything in one location.

Making sure everything goes were it was supposed to was a tedious but necessary operation.

The dash wiring also was much more complex than a standard ’67 BGT with the addition of a full HVAC system, GPS-enabled entertainment system, and additional gauges.