More cleaning and disassembly

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We’re continuing to take this XKE rear carrier assembly apart. We’re going to have to replace the shocks and springs, and one of the halfshaft splined ends is actually rusted into the hub so badly that we’re going to have to sacrifice both pieces to save the hub carrier.

After a significant amount of scraping, we’ve located the differential!

Inspection of the differential shows it to be in good condition and it will not need to be rebuilt.

How do you get those big bushings out of the radius arms? Burn the rubber out with a torch and then cut and chisel the metal retainers. It’s a smelly job best saved for nice days outside so you don’t fill the shop with rubber smoke!

This is the one splined halfshaft end we were able to save, next to the factory tool for disassembling the hubs.

Cleaning the differential with solvent revealed the remains of the original red Glyptal anti-wear paint that came from the factory. We’ll be repainting the differential in the same red Glyptal enamel after we get new gaskets and clean the rust from the cover.