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MGB/GT Rust Repair

This 1973 MGB/GT has been a northern car for most of its life and has suffered through some bad storage and some weak previous repairs. The driver's floorboard was replaced approximately 6 years ago but when the owner decided to install Mazda Miata seats he discovered more rust than was anticipated.

The initial appearance of rust was in the area of the inner sill. Unfortunately as we tore into this project by stripping away the factory sound-deadening floor rubber and carpeting we found significant hidden rust as well as a pop-riveted repair panel that was covering a gaping hole in the inner sill. Fortunately the outer rocker, the front fender bottom and the rear fender dogleg are in excellent condition, but we'll have to replace the inner membrane of the sill, the inner sill itself, the castle, the outside portion of the crossmember and the entire floorpan. Repairs will also have to be made to the footwell area, the rear spring pan and a few areas along the bottom of the transmission tunnel. Previous welds on the castle section were so weak that we just broke them by hand and removed what was left of the piece.


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