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MGB/GT Brake Repairs

The original plan on this 1973 MGB/GT was to bleed the brakes in order to purge the brake fluid before the start of the 2011 driving season. Unfortunately we discovered more and this quick 15-minute routine maintenance quickly evolved into a full rear brake job.

After bleeding the brakes we attempted to adjust the rear shoes - at which time we discovered the left adjuster was fully out (actually past its limit). In trying to remove the adjuster the mounting studs snapped off, ensuring replacement instead of rebuild. Pulling both brake drums revealed that they were both out of spec and the shoes were worn nearly all the way down. The wheel cylinders were just beginning to leak. In addition, the shoes on the right-hand side were beginning to de-laminate.

We also discovered a pinched brake line (due to a tow truck driver's hook) on the left side of the axle, so even if the line didn't break - which it did - we still needed to replace the line.

This type of brake repair is one of the most common repairs we do at the shop. Whether the wheel cylinders are siezed or leaking fluid over the shoes, the vast majority of MGBs we see have some issue with the rear brakes.


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