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1977 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II

Disassembling the carbs found a stuck jet, lots of sediment in the B bank floatbowl, incorrect float heights and worn needles and seats. We thoroughly cleaned the carbs, installed new gaskets, floats, needle/seats, freed up the jets and reset everything back to factory specs. We also replaced the inline fuel filters which had not been changed in many years.

Once we confirmed that all our settings were correct we reinstalled the carburetors, intake and the myriad hoses, lines and wiring attached.

The HIF-7 carburetor is very similar to the HIF-4 found on the MGB although larger (1 7/8"). They take the same needles and seats, sealing o-rings and floats, although the settings are significantly different from MG engines.

After reassembly we started the car, freed up the choke mechanism and fast idle circuit and took the car on a series of test drives to confirm that the mixture was correct and that everything was working as it should.

After more than a year off the road, this Silver Wraith II drove home with a very happy owner at the wheel!


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