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1978 Ferrari 308 - Carburetor work

This beautiful Ferrari 308 GTS arrived a few weeks ago for some carburetor re-jetting. The owner had been experiencing some mid-range hesistation and another shop removed and replaced the low-speed (or idle) jets with richer ones. While this cured the hesitation it made the car run rich to the point it was sooting up the back bumper of the car. The owner decided he'd rather have the original spec jets reinstalled.

Accessing the jets on the 4 Weber DCNF40 carbs is an easy operation - once you can actually reach them. The air horns and cleaner assembly had to be removed from the car, and then the fuel lines had to be moved out of the way to access the sides of each carb. Once accessed, the jets were replaced and the car was reassembled.

While we were under the hood replacing the jets we noticed the fast-idle microswitch activated by the 1/2 carb throttle assembly was out of adjustment. We readjusted this switch so that it was functioning properly - which may have been the root cause of his initial hesitation problems all along.


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