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1961 MGA 1600

This MGA 1600 runs well, but we are currently unable to drive it because the clutch and brake hydraulics are in poor shape. MGAs have a dual master cylinder which, when it fails, causes both the clutch and brakes to fail.

As you can see this master cylinder has been leaking brake fluid for a long time. Additionally what fluid was in the cylinder hadn't been changed in quite a while and what was left had turned into rusty sludge. The bores are very rusted and pitted as well. We will either be rebuilding this master cylinder or replacing it, which ever makes more economic sense.

The slave cylinder (not shown) was leaking, but is in great shape for a rebuild. What was NOT in great shape was the clevis pin and pushrod that connects the cylinder to the throw-out bearing fork. There is easily 1/8" of wear between the 2 pieces which are at risk of breaking and would at least cause improper clutch operation.


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