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Triumph TR6

With our supercharger install completed was time to dial it all in on the dyno and see how much power we made. The red line in the first dynograph represents the slightly hot stock engine which made 89hp at the rear wheels (most stock TR6's make approx. 72-74). The blue line was our best pull with the stock 5 lb. pulley - 118.1hp. The green line represents Moss Motors "High Boost" 7 lb. pulley which peaked at 130.9hp. After playing with some air filter combinations the second dynograph represents our best pull of the day at 135.9hp - a power increase of almost 53% over where we started. We also timed 0-60 acceleration runs using a Passport G-Timer accelerometer. Normally aspirated, the car made 10.4 seconds. With 5lbs boost it made 7.4 seconds. With 7lbs boost, it made 6.3 seconds. This is one fun TR6!

Front view

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