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1977 Lotus Esprit

"Bond. James Bond."

Forever associated with the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, the image of the Lotus Esprit (S1) was a mainstay of kids bedroom walls for years. The iconic wedge design evokes strong memories from that era for most people

This car, while not the one used in the film, is a great example of the breed. Unfortunately it is just not running right at the moment, and has been brought into Eclectic for some work. This rear-engined car is outfitted with a Lotus 907 4-cylinder engine mated to a Citroen gearbox. Originally outfitted with 2x Stromberg carburetors, this car has been converted to more Euro-spec DellOrto DHLA40s. The carbs have been set up improperly, however, and are jetted for a much smaller engine resulting in some major performance issues.

Additionally we've found a significant amount of sediment in both the fuel filter and the carbs which is adding to the problem. We'll be rebuilding the carbs using the proper jets, emulsion tubes, chokes, etc. as well as replacing some worn ignition components and the fuel pump.


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