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MGA Rocker Panel Repairs

Some aftermarket rocker panels need modification before fitting properly to MGAs. We've found that they are often 1/4" to 1/2" too long in height. We cut the rockers in half, remove the appropriate amount, then weld them back together.

Rocker fitted, too long

Here's a rocker panel being fitted. We've set it up for a 1/8" gap at the door, but it is too long at the bottom. The tape line near the top shows where it will get cut.

Rocker fitted, too long

This view shows the height in more detail.

Rocker cut apart

The rocker is cut apart.

Tack welded

We refit the rocker, then tack-weld the two parts back together.

Finish welded

Next it is finish welded using the TIG process.Ground smooth

After grinding, fit and finish are perfect.Fits correctly

The detail shows the height is correct.

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