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1970 Jaguar E-Type

Valve clatter has been eminating from under the hood of this XKE. After removing the valve covers we measured the valve lash of all 12 valves and discovered that only 1 valve was still in-spec at .012". Because this overhead-cam engine uses shims to set the valve lash we needed to remove the camshafts to expose the tappets which cover the valve adjusting shims.

Shims are available in .001" increments, so getting this car back to spec becomes a math problem. In order to reset each valve to the factory spec of .012-.014" we needed to measure each shim currently in the engine so we would know which new shims we would have to install. Plugging our values into a simple spreadsheet told us that we had to buy 8 new shims and could re-use 4 of our shims in different valves.



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