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Citroen 2CV

The cowl vent on this Citrone uses a rubber gasket as both the seal and the hinge. Unfortunately this car's gasket was badly torn and the vent door hung dangerously loose. To remove the gasket from the body necessitated removing the engire dashboard! The door itself was in rough shape (horribly wavy and rusty) and we were unable to attach a new gasket to it - the piece was too rusty to crimp the seal in place.

Fortunately we were able to locate a brand new replacement piece. It was also wavy and covered with visable spot welds, so our first order of business was to smooth it out. Once smooth we had a paint match done for the car - which is not painted a standard Citroen color - and we painted the door to match. Once painted we installed the new door, made sure it operated properly and reinstalled the dashboard.


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