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MGA Twin Cam

MGA Twin Cam front crossmembers have 5 unusual holes on the top and bottom. In the factory the engines were installed before the body was mounted on the chassis. However, when Twin Cam engines began to develop problems it became apparent that it was impossible to remove the engines with the body on the frame without removing the oil pan. Unfortunately several of the bolts that held the pan in place were hidden behind the crossmember. Dealers were instructed to use a torch to cut holes in the early Twin Cam frames and the factory then added these holes to all future Twin Cams.

We needed to duplicate these holes in our crossmember, so a fiberglass pattern was taken of an original Twin Cam crossmember. This enabled us to properly locate the top holes. As the bottom of the crossmember is essentially flat a paper pattern was made to locate those holes. Once the centers had been marked the holes were drilled with a properly-sized hole saw.


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