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MGB/GT Gear-Reduction Starter Installation

The starter in this MGB/GT has been less and less-reliable lately and the owner opted for a new, modern gear-reduction starter in place of the original Lucas starter. As pictured, the new gear-reduction starter from Gustafson Specialty Products weighs in at 8.35 pounds, less than half the weight of the original. Another benefit to the modern gear-reduction starter is that it spins the engine more quickly while drawing less amperage from the battery while doing so. A standard Lucas starter draws about 130 amps while the gear reduction starters draw rougly 100 amps.

The starter comes pre-configured for the MGB application with its custom-machined mounting ring indexed into the correct position. We removed the distributor to more-easily remove the original starter. A simple 2-bolt installation, the starter mated to our driveline without problem.

Because the power lug on this starter is mounted on the top of the unit we opted to run a new power cable from the battery to the starter.

Unfortunately, because of the power lug position the starter is in jeopardy of being grounded to by the distributor cap clips. To prevent grounding we covered the post and terminals with a hefty coating of electrical tape. We also taped around the bottom clip as a further precaution.


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