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1978 Mini

This Mini arrived on a flat-bed and we were handed a box full of brake parts - apparently the right rear brake was so siezed that they had to do an emergency disassembly just to get it on the truck!

We're doing a complete brake rebuild on this car (including the front Cooper S disc conversion) and it's time to start addressing the rears as well. We pulled the drums off and (as expected) the right side was missing its shoes and springs. It was also leaking fluid all over our floor. We removed the hubs, disconnected the brake hoses and pipes, and unbolted the backing plate assemblies. We sandblasted the plates, cleaned the adjusters, and replaced the wheel cylinders and shoes. While we had everything apart we cleaned up the road grime around the trailing arms and repainted what we could access.

We've bolted the new backing plates back on the trailing arms and installed new stainless braided hoses. Once our new brake pipes and wheel bearings arrive we can finish up the rears.


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