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1978 Mini

With the engine, suspension and front subframe all out of the way, it turned out to be a perfect time to address some rust damage to the lower inner wings. This car had been in a previous front-end collision and this area was damaged and, while it was straightened a bit, was left to rot.

Because this section is part of the bumper support areas we decided it best to not let these repairs wait.

While repair panels are available for these sections, they're pricey and because we prefer to save as much of the original car as possible, we would end up cutting most of them away. We opted to fabricate repair panels out of sheet metal after taking a paper template of the damaged areas.

Once the panels were cut and fit, we butt-welded and plug-welded them in place, and ground down the welds. The engine bay will be re-painted once we clean off all of the nasty undercoating.


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