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1968 Porsche 911

After patiently waiting out the summer season, this green 1968 Porsche 911 was brought back on the shop floor for what should hopefully be the last stretch of work before it is back on the road.

The owner had just gone through some engine woes on a similarly-stored 911 and was concerned about the condition of the engine. He opted to have it pulled and disassembled for a thorough inspection and refresh. While everything is apart we will likely convert it to the later pressureized cam chain tensioners and make some cosmetic improvements.

We began by putting the car on the hoist so we could easily extract the engine. Because this hasn't seen fresh gas in close to 20 years the carbs and cylinder heads smell like varnish. Fortunately we did not find any mouse nests and the engine does not appear to have any of the heat damage exhibited by the previous car.


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