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1968 Porsche 911

When this Porsche was put away it was not prepped or stored with the long-term in mind. The carbs were dirty and full of fuel when it was tucked away and all that fuel turned to varnish. The gas tank had also been full of corrosion and some of that made its way past the filter screens and into the carburetors.

We have begun to disassemble the first of 2 Weber 40IDA 3-barrel carbs that are original to this car. It has taken multiple soaks in our parts washer to free up some of the old gaskets, and you can see all the goop and grime that has come from just this one carburetor.

Once completely disassembled the carb is soaked overnight in cleaner to dissolve all of the remaining varnish in the passages and then the body was beadblasted clean. After cleaning the passages thoroughly to remove any remaining material the carbs will be reassembled with new gaskets, o-rings, needles & seats, etc.


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