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1967 MGB/GT

The owner of this GT wanted an uprated front suspension and chose the Hoyle Engineering coil-over kit from the UK ( ).

This kit is not quite bolt-on as it does require some modifications to the crossmember. We've also complicated things by switching to a crossmember from a later rubber-bumper car to help facilitate the Miata powerplant swap.

We removed the old subframe and disassembled it. We'll be re-using the lower a-arm pivots and the swivel axle assemblies. We then took a good rubber-bumper crossmember and had it sandblasted.





In order for the coil-over shocks and springs to clear we needed to remove the ends of the crossmember (where the bump stops are usually mounted) and then reinforce the area with a metal piece provided by Hoyle. We carefully cut away metal, test-fitting the shocks and springs after every few grinds until we were sure everything would fit. We then fit and welded in the reinforcement plates.

















































We ground the welds flush and finished the mock assembly of the suspension. We'll be installing this in the car to test-fit everything and then begin getting the engine into place.


















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