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1967 MGB/GT

In keeping with our theme of trying to use either Miata or MGB parts we sourced a Miata lower hose set (which comes as one hose and is trimmed to length). We took the stock Miata lower pipe and checked for clearance. Once we were sure it would clear the steering rack we trimmed the hoses to fit.

We removed the stock mounting bracket from the miata pipe and affixed it to our frame with a band clamp attached to a spacer above the frame rail.

The upper hose is actually the curved portion of a 1970-76 MGB lower radiator hose cut short. We couldn't have planned the shape any better!

While we were at it we mounted the overvlow tank on the lefft-hand side of the car behind the radiator bracket. When it comes time to modify the radiator we will rotate the overflow tube to point in that direction.


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