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1967 MGB/GT

The final prep before paint is underway! We spent quite a bit of time recently massaging the fit of panels, making sure parts cleared correctly, and repaired several minor issues with small areas such as pinholes in the floorboard and damage to the battery boxes.

before the car goes off to the paint shop in January, we wanted to get all of the lines plumbed for the fuel and evaporative loss systems. We have had to add a return line for the fuel injection system which has been plumbed into the fuel sending unit. We'll be mating the standard MGB carbon cannister and expansion tank (mounted in the right rear fender) to the Miata engine to eliminate fuel odors.

Part of plumbing a system like this is taking old lines and using them as a pattern when making new lines. We took our time to carefully match the factory lines as much as possible, with modifications at the fuel pump because we're using a Miata pressure fuel filter and high-pressure pump from Deatschwerks.

Additionally we rolled the rear fenders for extra tire clearance and then pulled the engine, gearbox and most of the suspension from the car.


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