After a clean bill of health from the machine shop, which included new pistons, rings, camshaft, oil pump, bearings, water pump, timing chain, polished crankshaft, a reworked valvetrain, and the very difficult job of locating a replacement for a cracked 1622 cylinder head, the engine was thoroughly degreased again and prepped for primer and paint. We carefully masked off the areas that shouldn’t be painted using our custom-designed paint masking plates and some strategic use of good 3M masking tape before spraying the engine with primer and standard MG engine maroon.

After reassembling everything on the stand, it is very important to spin the engine over to get oil pressure before going through the trouble of installing it. In case there is an issue that had to be looked into, we would rather have it on the bench than in the car. We added 4 quarts of engine break-in oil courtesy of Driven Racing Oil, hooked up the starter and spun the engine over until we saw oil pressure. Once we were sure everything was happy we reinstalled the engine with a new clutch pack.