Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, at this time we are not scheduling future seminars.

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Eclectic Motorworks offers a variety of classes for all skill levels. For information on a particular class, please click below.

Rust Repair & Welding

Rust Repair and Welding classes are two day classes that covers sheet metal forming, welding, patch panel installation, and sill/pillar repair. Individual classes focus either on “body-on-frame” cars generally using the MGA as an example or unibody cars generally using an MGB for demonstrations. The first day focuses on general skills and welding, with hands-on time for welding instructions. The second day continues to focus on building welding skills as well as working on the specifics of unibody restoration using a shop vehicle as a demonstration vehicle. Part of the second day is spent correctly fitting doglegs, fender bottoms, rockers, etc.. Class size is limited to 6 participants. The class costs $595 and includes lunch and snacks both days as well as Saturday night dinner.

Rust Repair & Welding class printer-friendly registration form (PDF)

Tuning and Performance

Tuning And Performance is a three-day class geared toward British car owners, but also useful to other classic car enthusiasts. We cover the basics of a comprehensive tune up, various parts and procedures to get more from your car and in-depth performance discussions that include various performance “recipes” from mild to full-race. During the first day, we perform a hands-on, comprehensive tune on an MGB, where we torque the head, adjust the valves, work with with ignition system, and dial-in the carbs. Participants receive our 145-page Tuning and Performance manual which includes about 21 articles and data/analysis from over 1000 dyno pulls. The class costs $595, lunch each day and dinner on Friday and Saturday are included in the price. Dyno time extra.