Front suspension and brake renewal

The front suspension and brake system on this MGA was beyond worn out. Add in lots of surface rust, grease, grime, road grit, and cobwebs and that meant a complete rebuild of everything. The steering rack was disassembled and gone through, and ultimately we had to cannibalize two additional MGA racks to get enough good parts to rebuild this one.

All of the hard parts were were in good shape. After thoroughly cleaning everything, sandblasted or wire-wheeled the a-arms, springs, spring perches, pivots, shock arms, etc., and painted everything. We maintained the bare shock bodies as original during the process.

Once everything was painted, we reinstalled the shocks, pressed new MGBV8 bushings in the a-arms, and assembled the front suspension.

We finished off the front suspension with freshly-rebuilt kingpins, rebuilt brake calipers, and new brake rotors and hoses.