This beautiful 1951 RHD MGTD in Pale Primrose arrived after a lengthy stay at another shop where nothing much had been accomplished. The owner purchased a new seat, carpet kit, and wire wheels for a conversion and has asked us to finish the job. In addition, this car is in need of a tune-up which we’ll also handle. Unfortunately the wire wheels were purchased but none of the other required hardware necessary for the conversion, so we’ve got a LOT of stuff coming. The wheels will be sent to our friends at Hendrix Wire Wheel to have new Vredestein tires and tubes mounted and balanced after the wheels are trued (yes, even new wire wheels should be checked and trued as necessary).

A new seat assembly in green was purchased by the previous shop for installation, but we’ll be needing a lot of hardware and reconditioning due to the poor condition of the rails, brackets, clamps, etc.

A new carpet kit was purchased in black (green is not available). We are custom-ordering new green vinyl wheel arch covers to replace the worn carpet covers currently in the car.