The new seats are provided by the upholstery shop at Moss Motors. They come bare, and we have to transfer all of the hardware. We cleaned and painted the bottom mount sleeves and then used the original seat-back as a template for installation. The seat back also has 8 t-nuts pre-installed for the upper seat bracket, but they are covered in vinyl and require some finesse to locate without damaging the vinyl. Finally, the tonneau bar is installed at the top of the back. Since this car does not have a crank handle with it, we have left the handle brackets off for now.

Because this car had home-made carpet on the arches and we did not want to purchase an entire vinyl panel kit for it, we purchased 2 yards of green vinyl from Moss and fabricated foam-backed wheel arch covers. Once glued in place, we reinstalled the door panels, side curtain brackets, and the top bows. We also trimmed and fit the back deck carpeting.