The owner of the car purchased 5 new MWS chrome wire wheels but did not get anything else for the conversion. We sourced new hubs, drums, bearings, knock-offs, and a spare tire adapter from Moss Motors. The wheels were sent to our friends at Hendrix Wire Wheel for tires, wheel-trueing, and balancing. Upon their return, the wheels were marked for specific locations on the car.

Disk-wheel drums for the T-series cars are currently not being produced, so if you’ve got thin drums, one of the only options is to convert your car to wires. We start by pulling the old drums from the car.

Hubs were sourced and new studs pressed into each. The fronts were given new wheel bearings packed with fresh grease, along with new seals.

Once ready to go, the hubs are bolted to the new, painted drums with jamb nuts and locktabs (which are bent over once installed).


One corner down, three to go!

This machined aluminum adapter bolts to the factory spare tire carrier using the 3 lug nuts, and accepts a L/H threaded knock-off to hold the spare in place.

Wheels with fresh Vredestein Sprint Classic tires, ready for the road!